Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Grief Manchester

pin friends
supermarket sweet zine

here are some hannah goods (pin badges and zines) I am sending to Good Grief shop at the Soup Kitchen in Manchester tomorrow!!! Have a look, it's pretty 'swell'!

Or visit in real life!:

Good Grief!
Soup Kitchen
31-33 Spear Street
M1 1DF


tuesday bassen said...


1000 Cats said...

Aw, these look super cute!

Rowan Jackson said...

Hello. I was in the shop last week sometime talking to David as he was putting your things up. Very nice. How are you doing? I am a blog person now.

Hannah Evelyn said...

Hi rowan! Ohh good times! are you making nice work? You should deffo get involved in this blog malarkey and post drawing things! x