Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orey & Stellaluna of Creature Comforts blog!

Creature Comforts Blog!
I love this collage Ez put together of my drawings and her pups for her blog about my Drawing for Dogs project! They were the two drawings I did of her two adorable dogs Orey and Stellaluna! You can read her kind post about my project here!

Image courtesy of Creature Comforts blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dogs and Hospitals

Poz helping with my emails Hello! Here is Poppy helping me with my emails!

Last week I had a brutal kidney infection, which ended up with me being admitted to hospital for a few days. Not the best. They were worried it was my appendix so prepared me for surgery, thankfully it wasn't but they are still testing me for other things.

Luckily, I am out now and have lots and lots of dogs to draw for the Battersea Drawing for Dogs project. I have raised nearly £1000 now! Which is amazing! Thank you so much everybody!

If you are waiting on a drawing, I am a few days behind, due to the hideous timing of last weeks events. But everyone's drawings will be done and sent out asap! I'm trying very hard to get them done within 10-14 days of order placed like it says in the shop. Please bear with me if it's sent a few days over this time as I'm only one person and do have a full time job too. I shall email everyone once the order has been sent :)

Thanks again for everyone's support to the project, we have raised SO MUCH! The project ends in December so it will be amazing to see how much can be raised. I am hoping I can make some giant illustrated dog shaped cheque to give them the money on!